sndr provides unparalleled integrity and security to all digital content at rest, in use, and in motion.

Data Security

sndr is a true end-to-end encrypted communication system.

  • All encryption and decryption occurs on the user's device
  • Object Level Encryption: Every message, preview text, attachment, and thumbnail is individually, and uniquely, encrypted
    • Symmetric key operations use AES-256 CTR
    • Asymmetric key operations use ECC Curve P-256
    • Signatures use SHA256 with ECDSA
  • Multi-factor Authentication: Any loss of a single authentication factor (i.e. a user’s password) will not compromise the user’s content, or control of the user’s account


Data Integrity

sndr provides transparent data integrity via a unique combination of cryptographic services.

  • Authentication - sndr provides the identity of users by verifying both the user and device cryptographic keys
  • Non-repudiation - sndr verifies the owner of a message or attachment
  • Confidentiality - sndr encrypts every piece of content with a recipients public key ensuring only intended recipients have access to shared content
  • Integrity - sndr utilizes multiple techniques to ensure that messages and wrapped keys have not been altered

First of its kind enterprise encryption solutions
With cryptographic processes applied to each piece of content, sndr is able to provide organization's with a detailed view of their entire organizations communications while keeping everything secure from unintended recipients and threats, whether internal or external. sndr provides a set of flexible and easy to use tools that no other solution supplies.

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