Why another messaging app?

sndr is not just another messaging app. It is a secure unified communications app that gives you free messaging and unlimited size file sharing, along with some other amazingly useful features.

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Why another cloud storage app?

sndr is not a cloud storage app. We empower you to share and stash unlimited sized files, but that’s just one of the gazillion features we have to make your communication easier, limitless and fully protected. When you use sndr Block with the sndr app, you have a hybrid personal communication system. And we never store your decrypted information in the cloud. Ever. All of this is possible because only you and your recipients can decrypt your messages and files.

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How do you differ from other communication platforms?

We make it easier for you to communicate through all the ways you already use, all in one place. And we give you unprecedented control over your communications. We also allow you to transfer files of unlimited size. And that’s a huge difference.

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Can you read my messages or view my files?

We cannot read, decrypt or view your messages or your files. Ever.

What encryption, or cryptography, do you use?

We use our own patented security process and we could tell you all about it, but it takes a white paper: LINK

Are you open source?

Many of our system’s elements will be open source after we go through a formal peer review and audit to inspect our source code. We want to wait until this is completed because saying you are open source doesn’t necessarily mean you are secure. And it doesn’t prevent developers from changing their code after it’s in the app store.

How do we know that anyone at sndr cannot read our messages?

sndr is founded on the principle that your information belongs to you. And not even us, the company that made sndr, should be allowed access to your information. Our peer review and audit of our source code will verify that your privacy is guaranteed and not even the employees of sndr can read your messages or view your files.

Can I recover my key if I lose my device?

We’ll do everything in our power to remind you to back up your key on your end, add additional devices to your account, or purchase a sndr Block to back up your keys. But no, we do not store keys and we have no way to get them back. However, we can reset keys, but that means all your old messages will not be accessible anymore. This can be avoided by using our sndr Block, which will keep a backup of your key at all times or add additional devices you physically have in your hands.

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