The sndr app is fully-loaded with robust messaging features and massive file sharing capabilities (up to 5 TB).

Annihilate Communication and Content

  • Remote device wipe of sndr protected data
  • Sender manual annihilation in near real-time
    • Including forwarded communications and files
  • Set it and forget it recalls:
    • Delete on a pre-set date
    • Delete after pre-set number of views
  • Real-time alerts and actions for recipient actions
  • Delete a message/file when recipient takes a screenshot
  • Activate automatic deletion of all previously shared content with recipient if they take a screenshot
Set restrictions that "live forever" with the file

Establish user-designated restrictions, restrict forwarding, provide real-time alerts. Available user and recipient restrictions include:

  • Downloading
  • Forwarding
  • Printing
  • Viewing Offline
  • Restrict Stashing (storing)
  • Restrict Viewing Notification Content

and more!

Set alerts for suspicious recipient activity

  • Forwarding
  • Downloading
  • Taking screenshot


Send files as large as 5 TB+

Enterprises, professionals and individuals can amplify the features of the sndr platform by blending the best of fast local storage with convenient cloud storage. sndr provides remote access to all content even if it hasn't been stored in the cloud and ensures that recently and commonly used content is on your local network for fast access. Store securely (“stash your files”) in the sndr virtual hard drive. With sndr, you will never run into a situation where a message fails to send because it's too big or spend time compressing or reducing the quality of a file before you upload it.