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Why ask for my email?

So you can get nice emails from us notifying you about cool new sndr services, major milestones, and cool contests. We promise not to get all crazy and spam your Inbox. If you want daily updates or in-depth details on us then follow us on Twitter @PrivateShaun or keep an eye on our company blog.

Not for sale

We will never sell, disclose, give away, or grant access to your email address to anyone or any company other than us, sndr.

What we track

We use an analytics package called Google Analytics to get a handle on anonymous visitor demographics for this website. This anonymized data is used to gain insight into how well our campaigns, goals, etc. are working around the world.

We also use an email marketing service provider called MailChimp to handle our marketing email lists about the launch of our upcoming products and services. This list requires all users to opt in after submitting their email address and they may opt out of all emails at any time. We will never transfer, sell, or allow any party outside of our company to access the information stored on these lists.

We take this stuff seriously; check out our tips on this matter.

Delete my information

If you don’t want us to bother you, click the unsubscribe link at the end of any email you received from us and we’ll disavow any knowledge of your email address immediately, forever, no gotchas. If that doesn’t work, drop us a line at