Create a sndr Team Account

1.  Navigate to the web page  https://a.sndr.com/teamsignup.

2.  Enter your business name into the Business Name field.

3.  Select the number of employees, including yourself.

4.  Select Continue.

5.  Enter your full name into the Full Name field.

6.  Enter the user's phone number in the Phone Number field.

7.  Enter the user's business email address in the Email field.

8.  From the Country drop-down box, choose the appropriate country.

9.  Select Continue.

10.  Enter your company's domain in the Domain field.

11. Select Continue.

12.  Read the License Agreement and check the check box next to Agree.

13.  Select Continue.

14.  Verify that your information is correct, and then select Submit.

15.  Make note of the verification code and select OK.

This code should be entered into a DNS TXT record on your domain.

Allow up to 20 minutes for the domain to be validated.

16.  Select Finalize Sign Up in the verification email.

17.  Enter your password into the Password field.

18.  Enter your password again in the Confirm Password field.

19.  Select Submit.

20.  In the verification email, select Yes, please.  Verify me!

21.  Once you receive the confirmation screen below, navigate back to the webpage where you entered your credentials.

22.  Enter your email address in the Username field.

23.  Enter your domain in the Team field.

24.  Enter your password into the Password field.

25.  Select Login.  Congratulations!  You have created a sndr team.