Administrative Dashboard

Monitor and trace who has access to files and control what they do with them.

  • Monitor messages and file shares
  • Track them through their life cycle

Intervene in any unauthorized message, file share, and/or download.

Policy Editor


Set access rights, content rules, and restrictions; for the enterprise, group, and users at an object-level. Write data policies for:

  • Content Retention and Legal Hold
  • Team Access Rights
  • Key Management
  • Two person/team eDiscovery

Policies for content retention, data loss prevention based on:

  • Devices
  • Groups
  • Individual Users
  • Storage Locations
  • Networks
  • Unique Files
  • User Behavior
Enterprise Reporting


sndr provides a directed graph of communications and content. Administrators can create custom reports including:

  • Attempts to override established policies
  • External shares and downloads
  • Attempts to add new devices

and more...

Easy Integrations
Secure your mobile and desktop applications and easily integrate your communication, file sharing and file storage tools.