No more 'oops, didn't mean to send that'

Take Back Control

End to end control for enterprise, professionals and users. You specify what your recipients are allowed to do with messages and shared files and dial in the individual restrictions for what they are not allowed to do.

One app simply does it all

All in One

Increase your efficiency and productivity through sndr’s feature rich platform that solves messaging, sharing and file storage problems without risking data exposure. The sndr platform is one fully-featured application for secure messaging and cloud storage. It is easy to use and works across multiple devices and operating systems.

Boundless Communication

Huge File Sharing

Listen, we've sent a 5TB file using sndr. With sndr, you will never run into a situation where a message fails to send because it's too big or spend time compressing or reducing the quality of a file before you upload it.

Immune from internal and external threats

End to End Security

sndr was built around end to end cryptography for messaging, content storage, and content sharing and it was done in way that is completely transparent to you. This means your content is only viewable by the people you specify - not even the people working at sndr can view your content or messages.

Industry auditing and compliance

Powerful Tools for Business

With sndr Enterprise, end to end control means enterprises can monitor, trace, intervene, set policies, receive irregular activity alerts. For enterprises, professionals and users, recall and annihilate a message or file any time after sending, on a pre-selected date or number of views, upon recipients taking certain actions you prohibit or other rules and restrictions you choose. Set restrictions on forwarding, copying, printing, downloading and more.

Combine the best of on-premises and the cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Enterprises, professionals and individuals can amplify the features of the sndr platform by blending the best of fast local storage with convenient cloud storage. sndr provides remote access to all content even if it hasn't been stored in the cloud and ensures that recently and commonly used content is on your local network for fast access.


Can anyone at sndr read my messages and files?

sndr is founded on the principle that your information belongs to you and built on technology to enforce that. All of your messages, attachments, and stored files are end to end encrypted such that only you and your intended recipients can decrypt and verify the data has not been modified.

Why another messaging app?

Our goal is to bring everything together: messaging, file storage and sharing in one place to make your life simpler. This unified platform goes a step further and protects everything, by default, with end to end cryptography, gives you huge size file sharing, and we give you unprecedented control over your communications by enabling you to set rules and restrictions that can apply to all users or to a single user or for a single message/file/picture video sent or stashed.


What is hybrid cloud storage?

sndr's hybrid cloud solution merges the best of both local and cloud storage. Local is fast, protected, and within your control. Cloud is backed up, available worldwide but less secure. By retaining a critical portion of your encrypted message locally, sndr gives you the speed and availability of the cloud and the security of local storage.

Why should enterprises use sndr?

sndr is the only end to end secure messaging, file sharing and storage platform that enables the enterprise to maintain total control of its content. A centralized dashboard allows for monitoring and tracing of all messages and files. Intervene in irregular or unauthorized activities when necessary. Set parameters for message and content retention, group and user policies, rules and restrictions and many more auditing capabilities through the sndr policy editor.